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The subject of these Terms of service and Copyrights are the websites at www.poanta.si and/or www.poanta.com. All content on this website is the property of Poanta d.o.o. and is for information purposes only. Sometimes the amount of information is too large, so we recommend moderate use. These instructions can be read several times a day.

Limitation of Liability

Poanta d.o.o. is not responsible for the use of websites at www.poanta.si and/or www.poanta.com and for any damage caused by the use of the contents on our pages. We always strive for the correctness of the information and minimize their impact on your well-being, the environment and the amount of greenhouse gases and variations in exchange-rate prices of peanuts on global markets. Poanta d.o.o. can modify any content at any time, without obligation to notify users, and is not responsible for the consequences of such induced changes. Of course, in practice this is too time-consuming, so we don’t really do it, but if we do change things we usually change them for the better. We are trying to remove unpleasant bugs, germs or other fairy (hairy?) creatures that mix or discharge letters, and if you help us with this, you might even be awarded for trying. If, therefore, you find any error on our website, please notify us at anpaka@poanta.si and a very symbolic prize will be yours; but please don’t spend all of your free time finding errors on our website because we were quite pedantic and there really ain’t that many. Sometimes we even put something interesting and informative on the page, but it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is useful and what is simply ridiculous. Also for this dilemma we sincerely apologize and accept no liability. None at all.

Limited Use of Content

Users can use the contents on the website www.poanta.si and/or www.poanta.com for their personal use (within the limits of ethical rules and acceptable behaviors of handling with content), which must not violate copyrights. The authors of the content are not responsible for any adverse consequences of use. Any other use or distribution of content from this site or any part thereof is not permitted. If you would like to write a thesis, a novel, a dictionary, a fiction or any other kind of book based on the contents of our web pages, please contact us and we will be happy to hear your ideas. We are really glad to listen to great ideas and happy to turn them into beautiful projects. Anyway, tell us how we can help you.

Privacy Policy

Poanta d.o.o. will use all the data collected on the webpages at www.poanta.si and/or www.poanta.com in accordance with applicable laws. We never make fun of this part of the General Terms of Service.

Other Important Information (aka OII)

Poanta means the point, the essence, the purpose. In the grand finale of the Champions League the best teams of all rounds of heats will take part. They usually have a pretty big budget to buy players. And snacks for them. Most of the white colour on our website is made with a combination of 100-percent shades of red, green and blue light. Black is a representation of the absence of those same shades of light. When you leave the restaurant, always look back so you don’t forget a wallet or some other important thing at the table. When crossing the road look left-right-left, and step on the road only if you have not seen anything dangerous. Vote. Floss. Get plenty of sleep. And dream of beautiful things. All this, of course, are only tips, although they may sound like commands. But since we used full stops not exclamation points, you know we are not ordering you. Have a nice day. Start re-read at the top of the page.

During making of this website no bananas were damaged.

For further questions: info@poanta.si