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4 solid foundations on which you should build your brand (and company)

Because it is necessary to stand and withstand or the herons and chairs

In the morning you wake up with a perfectly clear idea. Ingenious. Unrepeatable. It is feasible. It is absolutely necessary. The whole world was waiting for it. No Chinese has come up with something like that yet. And yet it is so brilliantly simple that you will not even warm up when investors will be standing in a row and offering you millions of dollars to support you, and customers impatiently waiting behind them to pay a fortune for your masterpiece. Nights that bring such ideas are literally worth gold!

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Avtor fotografije: Viktor Hanacek,

About social networks and connections

Because we sometimes don't realize what that means

Yes, we all know Facebook. It’s that social network where everyone used to hang from early morning until the next, from children who have not had the required 13 years of age, teenagers, and all youth, middle aged, to those old enough that they still knew where to enter the www and what comes after that. It’s the social network where now only ads hang around and some of those who can’t keep any morsel in their mouth and have to show everything to everyone slightly interested. Who is weird, those who fight for their privacy or non-stop exhibitionists, is perhaps a subject for some other occasion. Because this isn’t really a story about Facebook, but rather about another, more social, more serious, and more unique network. One that doesn’t even have a proper name.

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About advertising and evolution

Because the first blog just had to be about that

We hardly crisscrossed all the boxes of the last year, and a new one began. I’m still full of everything and I sit around, quite literally, as well as in all other ways. Even more so because of the fact that in December, harshly, destructively and effectively — because I am “professionally deformed” — every advertising message hits me thoroughly and directly. They get me everywhere, directly and relentlessly. I will not go on what I see and hear, because it would only add fuel to the fire.

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